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Fleet Safety (FS)

Fleet Safety (FS)

We assist business owners and professionals in building an effective Fleet Safety Program in support to your team, including Fleet Safety Officers and

Safety Assistants.

We provide training and strategies to ensure vehicles and equipment drivers are deemed safe and competent, thereby mitigating liability risk for the organization and maintaining adherence to Provincial Legislation.
We can assist you for developing driver training and competency plans, establishing standards for spot checks on drivers, monitoring driver qualification, monitoring payment of violations, and maintaining driver files to meet legislative requirements.
Likewise, we provide you with the tools and the system to ensure vehicle compliance and investigating vehicle collisions meet legislated requirements including your carrier safety fitness certificate, driver training, vehicle collisions, and audits.

We also assist you and your organization in delivering training and developing your staff skills and competencies in fleet safety, in addition to the following services:

  • Monitoring and assessing enforcement penalties to drivers in consultation and guidance from internal departments.
  • Reviewing maintenance records, managing the appeal process and escalating collision events to the Driving Incident Review Board
  • Developing and providing vehicular safety strategic advice to departmental management teams, ensuring departments maintain compliance with corporate and legislative standards related to the National Safety Code (NSC)
  • Identifying and resolving your organization problems related to the National Safety Code, Federal and Provincial Acts and Regulations, Municipal Bylaws, Administrative Directives and Procedures, and other corporate policies.
  • Developing all facets of your corporate fleet incident management system, ensuring safety incidents are reported, employees’ needs are supported, incident investigations are conducted, and results are recorded in your corporate Safety Data Management System.
  • Developing a robust GPS telematics notification system in support to assessing and scoring drivers behaviors.

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