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Bioneuroemotion © for Individuals, Employees, and Companies

Bioneuroemotion © for Individuals, Employees, and Companies

Bioneuroemotion®️ is a framework that includes a methodology oriented to the growth and emotional well-being of people.

It has a constructivist-humanist epistemological basis and investigates the origin of emotional conflicts, in order to change people’s perception towards a broader vision to improve the quality of life and their psychological well-being.

We understand people well-being as a sense of harmony that arises from the positive perception about one’s own abilities to face conflicts and from the awareness of personal evolution that gives meaning to life.

A Method for Emotional Well-Being

Originally developed by Enric Corbera and members of his teaching team at the Enric Corbera Institute, the Bioneuroemotion®️ method has its foundation on scientific theory and methods including pragmatic knowledge experience by thousands of people that have applied this method to their lives. The Bioneuroemotion®️ method is based on:

  1. Psychoneuroinmunoendocrinology
  2. Emotions
  3. Behavioral epigenetics
  4. Biology
  5. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  6. Psychology

The Bioneuroemotion®️ methodology objectives are the following:

  1. Promote the change of perception about the conflicts that generate stress in people’s lives.
  1. Manage the impact that emotions have on people’s health.
  1. Enhance emotional management skills in order to improve personal well-being as well as health.
  1. Understand the influence of family history on people’s current problems and interpersonal relationships

In Bioneuroemotion®️, there are 4 steps to find the emotional origin of conflict

  1. Analysis. Identify a situation of stress, interpersonal conflict and/or physical or emotional blockage.
  2. Understanding. Know the origin of the emotional conflicts related to the reason for inquiry.
  3. Learning. Recover a proactive role within the nature of the conflict.
  4. Application. Acquire resources and apply them to find new solutions, broaden perception and enhance well-being.

Areas where the Bioneuroemotion®️ method can be applied include the following:

  1. Personal growth. Getting to know yourself in depth, transcending your limitations and develop your potential through self-inquiry.

  2. Emotional well-being. Discover a new view on health and resources to manage your emotional states that may be influencing the onset of physical symptoms.

  3. Sports. Develop the emotional management skills that favor your well-being and your performance during training and in competition.

  4. Entrepreneurship, business and corporate environments. It increases your self-knowledge, transcends your limitations and strengthens your emotional competencies to boost your professional development.

  5. Education. Become a reference for the academic and emotional development of your children, staff, or students. Discover our training for teachers, parents, and students.

  6. Social services. We offer support and tools to manage difficult situations, emotionally accompanying people in their inner knowledge journey and improving their well-being.

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