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Operational Audits

Operational Audits

Internal audits, sometimes called first-party audits, are conducted by, or on behalf of, the organization itself for management purposes and can form the basis for an organization’s self-declaration of conformity.

Audit criteria are used as the reference for determining conformity, they effectively describe what should be achieved for any given process or activity. The criteria to be audited against will be set by the process owner of the internal audit programme (normally the quality manager) and agreed with the auditor and the departments concerned.

ISO 9001 requires an organisation to have a management system which reflects its processes. The system must satisfy the requirements of the standard but should be based around the requirements of the organization as a priority, not simply to reflect the standard.

To give priority only to satisfying the standard inevitably leads to a management system which does not help the organization; indeed, it would often hinder it. The whole purpose is to create a system which helps to manage the way in which the organization operates.

In summary each organization must:

  • Determine the processes within the organization
  • Determine their sequence and interactions
  • Determine the methods of control
  • Establish and implement measures for monitoring purposes
  • Maintain documented information to support the operation of its processes

A simple list of steps that we follow for an internal audit include but are:

  • Planning the internal audit
  • Opening meeting
  • Conducting the internal audit
  • Closing meeting
  • Follow up

Following the above principles, we conduct audits in the following areas:

  • Asset management operations
  • Fleet management operations
  • Facility management operations
  • Project management practices
  • Project management office practices

Our audits critically examine the various activities of your business in important areas to your business and other best practices in these industries.

Our audit service inspects your business processes and activities that are employed through-out the physical life-cycle of assets in alignment with the life-cycle of your organization. It also assesses whether the business systems used to support these business activities and their degree of use remain optimal and in alignment to existing standards, policies, and internal practices.

Likewise, the objective of our audits is to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of your organizational internal controls over your assets and processes management. Our examinations can be conducted in accordance with guidelines set forth in your organization policies and your corporate Internal audit standards where applicable.

The recommendations that we provide in our final audit report will represent, in our judgment, those most likely to provide a greater likelihood that management’s objectives are achieved. The Implementation of the recommendations will strengthen your organization internal controls over assets and processes administration, to ensure the safeguarding of assets, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and providing reasonable assurance that your organization is operating in compliance with applicable laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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