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Artificial Intelligence and Application Development Tools (AI & AD)

Artificial Intelligence and Application Development Tools (AI & AD)

If you have recurring productivity, quality, or support issues during any part of your software or application development, then the problem may be in mapping your enterprise processes and translating these practices into software development processes.

We can help you fine-tune or revamp your enterprise and departmental processes, enabling your team to reach the next level. We can help you and your organization in:

  • Assessing your current practices against industry best practices
  • Developing plans to improve methodology
  • Achieving quick wins in improving productivity
  • Delivering roadmaps to future improvements

Our Application Development Consulting Services include:

  • Methodology Advice
  • Software Configuration Management (SCM) Best Practices Building for Web and Mobile

Methodology Advice

We can advise you and your team on how to follow application development best practices and processes. We offer consulting, guidance, and mentorship on Agile Development and SCM including best practices in Agile methodology, team organization, revision control, continuous integration, change management, tool selection, and more.


SCM Best Practices Assessment

Our SCM Best Practices Assessment examines the issues holding you back and gives you a plan to break free. We assess your current practices against best practices in software development and software configuration management.

Plan and a Roadmap For Future Improvements

Our gap analysis identifies concrete opportunities for improvement. We produce a quick-wins plan to address priority issues and quickly move your team to the next level. We help produce the roadmap to address remaining issues and help instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Is Application Development Consulting Right For Your Business?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, our SCM Best Practices

Assessment can help:

  • Does updating your production software outside your area of expertise?
  • Have you lost old fixes after promoting new software and code to production?
  • Does fixing one problem led to more?
  • Have you unintentionally promoted new features, versions, or fixes before you had planned?
  • Do you have difficulty finding the matching source code to your production code?
  • Do you have trouble recreating user problems on your test systems?
  • Do you have trouble tracing requirements from inception to production?
  • Does it take extensive time and resources to create a production build?

Experienced App Development Consulting Can Make the Difference

Our developers and consultants bring a wealth of application development expertise to your business, providing you with the advice and guidance needed to improve your development processes for ongoing and future projects.

Applications Development

If you or your organization is looking in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to generate new and innovative solutions to your operations needs, note that the applications of AI across various industries is now widely to solve many practical problems.

There are App development tools in the form of software or computing solutions required to give the app developer flexibility to build security-rich, innovative, and scalable applications. The integration of AI to application development tools provide the right resources for users to integrate freely with the hardware to enhance productivity.

Top Artificial Intelligence Tools/Frameworks

AI is making the world a better and an easy one. Well known corporations such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are already developing frameworks and tools and contributing them in the form of open-source AI tools. Some of the most used frameworks and tools that are used in AI are the following:

  1. Caffe in Artificial Intelligence Tools. Caffe was developed by Berkeley Vision and Learning Center and is a deep learning framework that is very popular and widely used among AI engineers and even enterprise users because of its speed. Caffe is capable of processing more than 50 million images all in a single day. The areas where Caffe is extensively utilized are research areas projects, speech, multimedia, and visions.

  2. Tensor Flow. Tensor flow is an open-source framework that was developed by Google and is used for numerical computation intelligence. It does the computation by using data flow graphs.

  3. Theano in Artificial Intelligence Tools. Theano is a very popular open-source library that was developed at the University of Montreal, Quebec, Canada by the LISA group. Theano is similar to tensor flow if we leave apart few differences. While Tensor flow is better at GPU support, data visualization options, Theano supports a wider range of operations than Tensor flow does.

  4. Keras in Artificial Intelligence Tools. Keras is an open-source neural network library that is programmed in Python language. It has the capability to run on top of other libraries such as Tensor Flow, Theano, etc. It was developed by an engineer at Google, Francois Chollet.

  5. The way Keras work is – it does not handle any low-level computation, instead, it uses other libraries such as Tensor flow and Theano to do it. So Keras handles high-level API and it compiles model with loss and optimizer functions.

  6. Pytorch in Artificial Intelligence Tools. PyTorch is a scientific package that is based on Python and it uses the power of GPU (Graphics processing units). It offers an easy-to-use API and it also provides an excellent platform that offers dynamic computational graphs that can be changed during the run time.

  7. Scikit-Learn in Artificial Intelligence Tools. Scikit learn is again an open-source machine learning library that is programmed in python. It was developed by David Cournapeau as a part of the Google Summer of Code project in the year 2007. Scikit learn provides a number of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms that can be used inside of your python program. This library is based on Scientific Python and it must be installed before we can start using the sci-kit-learn library. Some of the features that are provided by sci-kit learn are:
  • NumPy: It contains many mathematical functions and can support large and multi-dimensional arrays.
  • SciPy: This library contains modules for scientific and technical computing such as the modules for linear algebra, optimization, signal and image processing, integration, etc.
  • Matplotlib: It is mostly used as a visualization and plotting library. It can be used to create a wide number of graphical plots for visualizing the machine learning models.
  • IPython: It is a console for interactive computing that can be used with multiple programming languages.
  • Pandas: This library is used for the purpose of data manipulation and analysis.

The following are some examples of AI Applications:

  1. Machine Learning. In Machine Learning, a goal is defined and the steps to reach the target have to be learned by the machine. For example, where we have a sample set of pictures of a cat and a lion. The goal of the model is to say a yes whenever a picture of a cat comes on the screen. The machine can learn this by exposing it to a huge number of pictures of cat beforehand so that it can train itself enough to identify the cat as soon as it comes on the screen.

  2. Robotics in Artificial Intelligence Tools. This area of machine learning focusses on the building and manufacturing of robots. Today robots exist in any form.

  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP). The process of manipulating speech or voices and texts is known as Natural language processing. We can derive many important conclusions from analyzing inputs through NLP.

  4. Vision in Artificial Intelligence Tools. This field gives the machine the ability to see. For example, this ability can be given to a robot or to a car that can use digital signal processing techniques to see through a camera.

  5. Autonomous Driving and Vehicles. This area of Artificial Intelligence focuses on making driving and vehicles autonomous.

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