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Project Management (PM)

Project Management (PM)

We always put our focus on our customers. We enable our clients with the product or service that perfectly suits your needs with our comprehensive consulting services offerings to help you make an informed decision and continuously deliver business value.

We provide tailored ready consulting services to increase your business value.
We provide unique services in multiple areas including:

  1. Enterprise Business Agility
  2. Agile Transformation
  3. Digital Transformation
  4. Change Management
  5. Prioritization with Stakeholders and Shareholders Priorities Mindset
  6. Lean Portfolio Management
  7. Portfolio/Program/Project Delivery.

Consulting Services

Our vision is a holistic approach to Governance. In fact, there is no project without a contract or service level agreement (external or internal), a technical annex, an economic and financial business case.

A product or a service needs to be carried out within an organizational context with resources given and a project sponsor. Everything must be coordinated, understood, controlled, and approved in order to achieve what is expected, creating value without mismanaging resources.

To do this, Project Management specialists are needed, but a team of consultants are capable of governing all the impacted dimensions. Our offer, therefore, without claiming to be complete, is structured in:

  • Support to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Governance, including end to end activities (Chief Information Officer [CIO] advisory)
  • Preparation of Project Charter / Business Case / Feasibility Studies / Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Works management (Project/Service Management) and monitoring (monitoring & control) of projects and/or services in the ICT field
  • Support management of internal Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O®) activities with Agile (SCRUM), Traditional (SME®-PMP) or hybrid approaches
  • Project Management Office Services
  • Internal PMO implementation support with Agile (SCRUM), Traditional (PMI®-PMP®) or hybrid approaches
  • Preparation of Project Budget
  • Economic and financial control of the order: Budget/Forecast/Actual, analysis of deviations and recovery actions
  • Consulting to support third-party service acquisition strategies
  • Pre-analysis and preparation of documents for participation in tenders
  • Support for the preparation of technical project capitulars
  • RFI/RFP/RFQ ready
  • Management and / or verification of technical and economic offers
  • Definition of contracts
  • Government and closing of contracts
  • Assessment and scenarios alternative models in IT Governance
  • Support to the analysis and definition of organizational and procedural processes in the ICT field
  • IT-related risk analysis, Compliance checks and IT-related conformance
  • Analysis, mapping and re-modeling of ICT departments processes
  • Analysis and preparation of Service Catalogue (customer view and technical view)
  • Analysis and implementation of CMDB processes
  • Support ICT audit activities
  • Support for the implementation of international IT frameworks and/or for obtaining standard certifications

All services, as repeatedly mentioned, can be provided in traditional mode (on site), on demand (as a service), remotely, or hybrid. We know what to do. The Customer decides how we are to do it.

We service the following Sectors:

  • Government
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Energy (Oil & Gas, Power, Renewables)

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