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Fleet Managment (FM)

Fleet Management (FM)

We assist organizations and fleet management professionals across public and private fleets in developing their Fleet Management Strategic Plans and training programs. We will identify opportunities to reduce your corporate or public fleet costs in maintenance, procurement, fuel, tires, and labor while simultaneously improving service to internal and external customers.

Additionally, we will train your fleet management team in the most current leadership development methodologies to ensure these goals are sustained in an effective and efficient in the short- and the long-term.

Our area of expertise is to obtain the maximum value and benefit in the maintenance, procurement, logistics, and remarketing of all types of fleet equipment. Other services we offer include the following:

  • Developing and implementing alternate fuels program, including the preparation of procurement documents and specifications for mobile assets and the specification of facilities upgrades.
  • Conceptualizing, developing, and implementing your Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP), and Safety Auditing Program.
  • Transforming and Modernizing Fleet Services operations and culture, from a status-quo culture department to a proactive, sustainable, and efficient operation that met regulatory and incidental levels of service.
  • Providing recommendations in how to maximize your Fleet maintenance budget and program for mobile assets and equipment, including the preventive maintenance program in compliance with vehicle safety and transportation regulations, analyzing mobile assets according to their condition, maintenance costs, and requirements, including recommendations regarding mobile assets replacement and/or acquisitions.
  • Developing control measures of your fuel system setup including software certification and audits, fleet system configuration, tank monitoring configuration, and fuel system setup.
  • Developing your corporate asset management operations to achieve organizational goals while ensuring compliance with regulatory, safety, and quality standards, integrating reliability centered maintenance (RCM), scheduled and predictive maintenance practices.
  • Providing recommendations to maximize assets utilization (maximizing capacity and reducing overhead costs) by implementing value systems.
  • Assisting you and your team in the interpretation of federal and provincial/state environmental controls related to ISO 14001 (Environmental Quality Management), CSA standards, Crisis Management Controls, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
  • Assisting in the development of cross-functional policies, procedures, and guidelines to govern diverse operational corporate assets systems.
  • Providing you with supply chain and equipment management tools for the ordering and delivery of fuel, lubricants, and vehicle specialty parts.
  • Supporting the development, negotiation, and renewal of RFPs and strategic SOAs, resulting in the creation of effective purchasing contract agreements with suppliers and contractors. Managed the procurement and contract process for fleet related items, including request for proposal documents, review of proposals, and recommendations for acceptance.
  • Developing business cases and capital profiles for capital budget submissions pertaining to corporate assets, alternative fuel initiatives, technological improvements, strategic goods & services supply chains, attaining economies of scale & cost controls.
  • Finding solutions and developed a Fleet Management System, processes, and procedures to adhere to environmental legislation, Alberta Fire Code, the Petroleum Tank Manufacturers Association (PTMA) guidelines, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the American Petroleum Institute (API), and the Canadian weight and measure regulation, sustaining environmental oversight.
  • Working with other government organizations, fostering research, innovation forward-thinking and alternate fuel technologies for municipal fleets.
  • Maintaining industry and related associations relationships to stay informed of emerging advances in technology, methodology, innovation, and best practices for operational excellence.
  • Implementing of new card-based fuel management systems to better meet departments’ needs, administering the governance of fuel policies while supporting auditing and tracking control mechanisms over fuels and lubricants software.
  • Designing an efficient sourcing strategy and contract management for diesel, gasoline, goods, and services through the implementation of a strategic request for proposals (RFPs) and standing operating agreements (SOAs).
  • Developing fleet asset systems using GIS, blueprints reading, data extraction, analysis, and reporting, liaising with various professional teams and other agencies groups. Directly supported the Transit and local community buses fleet.
  • Implementing a new CMMS, ERP, and Fuel Management system, acting as IT project management for these projects
  • Developing the Fleet Services Environmental Health and safety (EHS) program, including the policy manual and elements: EH&S policy statement, accident and injury reporting, accident investigations, personal protective equipment, joint health and safety committees, workplace violence and harassment, and workplace hazardous material information system (WHMIS).
  • Assisting in implementing logistics best practices amongst stakeholders, ensuring cost control and procurement policies and procedures.
  • Conducting integrated and balanced mobile asset condition assessments with the OEM, elaborating optimal maintenance intervals and procurement strategies, ensuring reliable levels of service in alignment to operating and capital budgets.
  • Leading the development and implementation of a performance management framework, reporting results against the budget.
  • Providing information into drivers’ policy with legislation changes and requirements and management of drivers’ programs, providing leadership and encouraging a culture of safety in the implementation of the occupational health, safety, wellness and environmental programs, standards, and legislation.
  • Assisting in reporting to the province to meet legislation. This includes carrier profiles, driver training, audit documentation requests, vehicle compliance, reviewing commercial vehicle inspections and maintenance records for legislative reporting, and investigating vehicle collisions to meet provincial requirements.
  • Supporting you and your organization in the development of a strong and positive Public Safety Strategy and culture that is focused on the prevention of motor vehicle collisions, maximizing the pass rate for commercial vehicle roadside inspections by Law Enforcement Agencies, managing corporate risk & operational managerial accountabilities for the maximum protection of city assets.
  • Assisting you and your organization in overseeing contractors to ensure that their vehicles and operators comply with National Safety Code legislation and generally accepted practices in relation to City safety policies, procedures, and legal requirements.
  • Collaborating with members of your Law Branch, Risk Management, Disability Management, Union business agents, Occupational Health and Safety and Environment (OHS&E) teams to ensure civic, legislative, and operational safety requirements, assuring programs are congruent with each other to support organizational goals.
  • Partnering with your organization internal client divisions to ensure that divisional goals, objectives, and priorities were aligned with strategic directions and council priorities.

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