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Asset Managment (AM)

Asset Management (AM)

We help professionals and organizations champion the development of a strategic policy & Asset Management System (AMS), for defining and implementing project and asset management standards, integrating tasks and processes associated with managing programs and projects for the organization.

The AMS will help you identify dependencies across stakeholder teams, creating structured schedules and plans based on level of service, program and project goals, resources needed, potential options, time to source, and program budget constraints.

The AMS is closely integrated with the project management office (PMO), the Facilities Management team, Fleet Services, Public Services stakeholders, and other professionals to identify levels of service according to public participation inputs.

The establishment of levels of service serves as the cornerstone for creating corporate asset management plans, by identifying funding sources, applying risk management methodologies to make informed decisions on how budgets are applied.

An strategic AMS supports your Asset Management Office with multi-year capital portfolios of both major and minor projects, a Fleet of vehicles with a replacement value of millions of dollars. These are corporate portfolios that renew, redesign, or develop new assets or space to accommodate new or revised functional requirements of corporate departments.

We help professionals and organizations contribute to their corporate business case formulation and analysis to derive recommendations, support decision-making, justify resource demand and commitments, and secure funding.

Likewise, we can assist in partnering with your Finance department on the business planning and budget cycle, leading to the development of business performance management tools and measurement systems to facilitate and support corporate performance improvements.

Also, we can assist you and your business to ensure the measurability, reliability and understandability of performance metrics and indicators aligned to organizational outcomes.

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